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Are your engines and transmissions used?

Yes, we offer used low mileage engines and transmissions.
How many miles do they have?

Most of the engines and transmissions we offer have approximately 45-50K miles.
What is JDM ?

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market. In other words the engine or transmission was used and imported
directly from Japan.
Does come complete ready to install ?

Yes, it comes equipped with the majority of accessories; however we recommend to use all of the external components from the original engine onto ours to meet the smog regulations of your local state where the engine is being used.
EPICUSEDENGINES offers the most optimum warranty program in the used engine industry. All products sold through us have been properly inspected and tested to meet our quality standards. We proudly one of the best warranty programs.

INTEGRITY. We truly stand behind our product and offer an exceptional customer service to our clients from the start to finish from referrals to tips on mechanical installations.


  • Internal parts of engine or transmission 100%